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Magzoid Emerging Art Icons Awards 2023: Sancler Graffit Wins Best Emerging Artist

Sancler Graffit Wins Best Emerging Artist at Magzoid Emerging Art Icons Awards 2023 presented by Sacha Jafri

The Magzoid Emerging Art Icons Awards 2023, a landmark event in the global art and culture calendar, unfolded with grandeur at the Theatre of Digital Art (TODA) in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai. Orchestrated by Wasaya Investments and powered by Mavala, this significant event emerged as a beacon of talent, creative innovation, and artistic excellence across various disciplines. It firmly emphasized the crucial roles of creative collaborations, artistic sponsorships, artist residencies, and art philanthropy, all instrumental in bolstering the creative economy in the UAE.

Art curation, cultural diversity, and social impact form the cornerstone of Magzoid's vision - nurturing a sustainable and inclusive art ecosystem. These guiding principles have anchored Magzoid as an influential player within the global art industry.

The ceremony was graced by distinguished personalities including Consulate Generals, ministry representatives, prominent art collectors, and chairpersons from art and creative bodies. Visionaries from internationally & locally acclaimed brands also made their presence felt, adding to the event's prestige.

The eagerly awaited release title of Best Emerging Artist was bestowed during the ceremony by the renowned Sacha Jafri. A luminary in the UAE's contemporary art scene, He has also been commissioned to create works for the royal family of Abu Dhabi and Hollywood celebrities such as George Clooney, Madonna, and Leonardo DiCaprio. His philanthropic work has earned him numerous accolades, including being named a UNICEF Global Philanthropist in 2019.

Emerging from a highly competitive number of nominees, Sancler Grafitt won the award. his creative vision secured him the title of Best Emerging Artist, affirming his status as a promising luminary in the realm of art curation.

Magzoid Emerging Art Icons 2023 was a profound celebration of creativity, traversing a broad spectrum of categories, and recognizing outstanding talents. Among them were the best artists in the UAE, emerging artists making their mark, and those recognized as the best-emerging artists in various artistic arenas. This acknowledgment of exceptional contributions and creative triumphs serves to elevate the status of art, creativity, and cultural innovation in the UAE and beyond.

Magzoid Emerging Art Icons 2023 Sponsors and Partners are:

Title Partner - Wasaya Investments

Powered By - Mavala

Venue Partner - TODA

Supporting Partners - Al Ain Farms, Tangle Angel & BosleyMD

Production Partner - Ensure Events & Media

Printing Partner - Liberty Printing Press

Refreshment Partner - Monviso

Floral Partner - Floward

F&B Partner - Puranmal

Digital Media Partner - Dailyhunt

Marketing Partner - Experiential Marketing Products

Videography Partners - Tamseel Production & Olive Media

Photography Partner - Nix Photography

Entertainment Partner - Scream

Gallery Partner - Artoze

About Magzoid Magazine:

Magzoid Magazine is a distinguished luxury publication dominating the creative landscape of the MENA region. It deftly combines the allure of exceptional design, the richness of arts & culture, and exclusive insights from top-tier business leaders and industry veterans. This influential media platform extends its reach to luxury lifestyle stories, high-end fashion, and jewelry features, and showcases innovative corporate branding. Magzoid Magazine encapsulates the dynamic blend of creativity and luxury, redefining the boundaries of artistic exploration and engagement.

About Emerging Art Icons Awards:

​The Magzoid Emerging Art Icons 2023 Awards is a prestigious recognition of outstanding emerging artists, institutions, and brands that are making waves in the art world. These awards celebrate the innovative, visionary, and influential contributions of emerging talents in various artistic disciplines, including visual arts, performing arts, installation arts, digital arts, and NFTs among others. ​

Magzoid Emerging Art Icons 2023 Awards is not only about recognizing artistic talent but also about promoting collaborations, sponsorships, residencies, and philanthropy that contribute to the growth and development of the creative economy of the UAE. We believe in fostering a sustainable and inclusive art ecosystem that nurtures creativity, diversity, and social impact.



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