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Magzoid Unveils Winners of ‘Emerging Art Icons 2023’

Image of Magzoid Emerging Art Icons 2023 Awards

Magzoid Emerging Art Icons Awards 2023, presented by Wasaya and powered by Mavala took place at the Theatre of Digital Art (TODA) in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai. This captivating event served as a momentous celebration, showcasing the exceptional talents across various artistic disciplines. It emphasised the significance of fostering collaborations, sponsorships, residencies, and philanthropic endeavors, all of which contribute to the growth and development of the creative economy in the UAE. At its core, Magzoid is dedicated to cultivating a sustainable and inclusive art ecosystem that cherishes creativity, diversity, and profound social impact, making it an influential pillar within the industry.

“The Emerging Art Icons 2023 platform holds significant importance not only for artists but also for the broader art industry, as it serves to promote and elevate artistic endeavours as an exceptional avenue for discovering emerging talents. The ongoing economic prosperity witnessed in the UAE is playing a crucial role in propelling the creative economy forward. Notably, the burgeoning art movement in Dubai is advancing in tandem with its overall growth. Emerging Art Icons 2023 provides a commendable platform for artists, instilling encouragement within the creative community. By offering galleries, exhibitions, and opportunities to showcase their artwork, this platform affirms appreciation for artists' creations. Such recognition serves as a profound source of motivation for any individual involved in artistic pursuits,” said Khalil Abdulwahid, Emirati artist also serving as the Director of Fine Arts, Dubai Culture.

The jury panel comprised renowned and highly esteemed individuals who shouldered the significant responsibility of selecting the most deserving artists and institutions for the awards. These distinguished jurors included Sacha Jafri, a visionary artist renowned for his profound impact and humanitarian efforts, Lisa Ray, an award-winning actor & co-founder of the Upside Space, Khalil Abdulwahid, Emirati artist, Amrita, the first NFT artist in the UAE, Kristel Bechara, the first Middle Eastern NFT artist, Khalid Ali Al Jallaf, Chairman of UAE Calligraphy, Ebraheem Al Samadi, Dubai Bling star and CEO of Forever Rose, Mona Bisawrupa Mohanty, a passionate visual artist, Egor Sharay, cultural analyst and art consultant, Jyo John Mullor, an exceptional digital artist, Idriss B, a prominent Polygonal Sculptor and Tannaz Khaleghian, a visionary championing creativity. Their collective expertise ensured a fair and meticulous selection process that upheld the integrity of the awards.

Honourable Consulate Generals from Dubai honoured the ceremony with their presence and the list of esteemed attendees extended to include official ministry representatives, investors, art collectors, chairpersons from art & creative bodies, and visionary brands.

The event commenced with a mesmerising performance by Firdaus Orchestra. The orchestra's captivating melodies set the stage for the event, leaving attendees spellbound and setting a captivating tone for the rest of the evening. The audience was enthralled by the orchestra's talent and artistry, creating an unforgettable experience that resonated throughout the event. The ceremony displayed a diverse array of artwork, from traditional paintings to more experimental pieces that pushed the boundaries of what art could be. During Emerging Art Icons 2023, a diverse group of artists, including Tracie Eaton, Babita Shamji, Joanna Patejuk, Olga, Maggie, Aakansha, Camelia, Daianaaz, Ajit Gadekar, Eiman Al Qubati, Abdulla, Asma, Sara Al-Hail, Waaris, Tatiana, Dina Khataan, Tannaz Khaleghian, and Kalopsia Wiz, showcased their talents in immersive galleries. The other exhibiting artists included Anaishaan Sidhwa, Diana Bakoush, Hasan Deeb, Priya Yabalyuri, Chris Aboutar, Gunjan Bhatt, Jacey Eikenbary, and Rubab Zahra. Each artist brought their unique perspective to the exhibition, creating a dynamic and engaging environment that stimulated the senses and sparked meaningful conversations.

Magzoid Emerging Art Icons 2023 was a celebration of art and creativity in all its forms. The awards covered a wide range of categories, recognizing excellence in various areas.

Winners of Magzoid Emerging Art Icons 2023 are:

Best Emerging Artist - Sancler Graffit

Best Visual Art - Shyjith Onden Cheriyath

Best Installation Art - Kashir Mir

Best Art Influencer - Afra Aldhaheri

Best Artistic Achievement - Nada Al Barazi

Best NFT Art - Anna Chekh

Best Traditional Calligraphy Art - Fatema Al Syed

Best Public Art - Shahul Hameed

Best Art Instagram Account - Andakulova

Best Artistic Entrepreneur - Patrick Moritz

Best Artist of Determination - Abdulla Lutfi

Best Modern Calligraphy Art - Abdulqader Makanas

Best Contemporary Art - Christine El Ojeil

Best Street Art - Ramy Elzaghawy

Best Performance Art - Firdaus Orchestra

Best Up-and-Coming Art Critic - Gaith Abdulla

Best Art Blog - Tessy Koshy

Best Art Institution - NYU Abu Dhabi

Best Digital Art - Pavithra Suresh

Best Youth Art - Diya Advani

Best Emerging Curator - Ellen Nash

Best Emerging Art Gallery - Galloire

Best Artistic Innovation - Orkhan

Best Art Foundation for Emerging Artists - ADMAF

Best Child Art - Treshi Amanda

Best Artistic Social Impact - Mai Elsayed

Best Doodle Art - Hend Almurid

Best Abstract Art - Isa Moisei

Winners were presented with an award, acknowledging their outstanding achievement and contribution to the world of art. "The level of talent and creativity was truly inspiring. It was an honour to be part of such a vibrant and dynamic celebration of art and culture." said one jury member.

“I am truly in awe of the Magzoid Emerging Art Icons 2023 Awards. It was an unforgettable evening celebrating the incredible talent and creativity of emerging artists. This event provides a powerful platform for these artists to showcase their work and make a lasting impact in the art world. I am inspired by the commitment and vision of the organisers in fostering a sustainable and inclusive art ecosystem. I can't wait to see how this platform continues to shape the future of art and empower emerging artists to reach new heights,” expressed Varsha Sureka, Guest contributor at Magzoid Magazine.

Other notable performances during the event includes Shine's Creed, a highly acclaimed performance group, who delighted the audience with their impressive LED-light show. Sher Oston's performance was a standout moment of the evening, as he brought his unique signature style and energy to the stage.

Emirati mentalist and magician Moein Al Bastaki astounded the audience with an incredible feat defying gravity which left the crowd in awe as he made a girl levitate in thin air before the audience’s eyes. Gasps of disbelief and wonder echoed throughout the venue as Moein effortlessly demonstrated his mastery of illusion and magic. Illizium concluded the event with a sensational LED drum show, mesmerising the audience with their dynamic performance.

"TODA takes immense pride in being the official sponsor of the Emerging Art Icon Ceremony," expressed Teogene Alexus, Head of Corporate and Brand Partnerships. "The event truly embodied a magnificent celebration of art and culture, and we were overjoyed to have the opportunity to support this dynamic and inspiring gathering of talented artists and creative visionaries. Our involvement has been instrumental in fostering the growth and development of the UAE's creative economy while nurturing a sustainable and inclusive art ecosystem that champions creativity, diversity, and social impact."

The Magzoid Emerging Art Icons 2023 Ceremony was a resounding success, made possible by the generous support of its esteemed sponsors and partners. The valuable contribution of TODA, the esteemed venue partner, played a crucial role in the resounding success of the Awards Ceremony.

The ceremony was a celebration of the power of art to connect people, inspire change, and create new possibilities. It was a testament to the importance of supporting emerging artists and creative thinkers, and to the value of collaboration and innovation in the art field.

Emerging Art Icons 2023 Sponsors and Partners are:

Title Partner - Wasaya Investments

Powered By - Mavala

Venue Partner - TODA

Supporting Partners - Al Ain Farms, Tangle Angel & BosleyMD

Production Partner - Ensure Events & Media

Printing Partner - Liberty Printing Press

Refreshment Partner - Monviso

Floral Partner - Floward

F&B Partner - Puranmal

Digital Media Partner - Dailyhunt

Marketing Partner - Experiential Marketing Products

Videography Partners - Tamseel Production & Olive Media

Photography Partner - Nix Photography

Entertainment Partner - Scream

Gallery Partner - Artoze



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